Can Silet salad with goat cheese au gratin and apple vinaigrette

Catalan salad with Rupit sausages

Grilled asparagus


Eggplant stuffed with vegetables

Roasted meat cannelloni from Can Silet

Spaghetti with cheese sauce and truffle

Potatoes stuffed with escalivada au gratin with cheese

Tomato burrata in pesto with pine nuts and basil

Sliced ​​cod.




Pork feet au gratin with garlic muslin.

Grilled mixed meat, with chicken, belly, sausage and lamb

Monkfish tail casserole with prawns

Sea bass supreme on potato bed

Sausage with beans

Grilled rabbit with  potatoes

Beef burger with caramelized onion and goat cheese

Grilled beef fillet Supplement € 8

Grilled steak (700 gr) Supplement € 10

Grilled pork loin with garlic


Homemade dessert, bread, white or red wine and boot water.

Prices on the terrace have a 5% surcharge


€ 24.00 VAT included

18'00 € VAT included - 1/2 menu